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Derek - Family Picking Apples

Growing up my family would go pick our fruits, mostly apples and strawberries. This created a passion to not only grow our own fruits but to give our kids the same experience.

The excitement and adventure of going to an apple orchard can be experienced in many areas across the USA.

Growing up just outside of Seattle we had plenty of apple picking farms we could visit.

While looking for other upick farms I noticed that most farms are run by small families who may have a limited idea on how to market their farm to the local population.

Our goal with Upick Farms USA is to be a complete directory of every farm across the USA that will allow you to pick whatever fruit or vegetable they may be offering.

By simply finding your state and county, you will be able to find what fruits/vegetables are offered within your area.


To provide the most accurate and easy way to find u-pick farms across the USA.


Make a way for you and your family to find hidden u-pick farms to visit and to help support small farmers.


We believe the pick-your-own movement will only grow as food becomes harder to find.

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