Find U-Pick Farms In Colorado

What are you looking to pick? Find a u-pick farm in Colorado for any fruit or vegetable.

Are you looking for u-pick farms in Colorado? There are many great produce farms in Colorado for you to choose from, offering almost anything you would want – with the exception of citrus.

If you’re looking for oranges, you will have to visit another state like California. If you do find a citrus farm in Colorado, it would be an indoor farm.

We have a large list of farms in Colorado offering the following produce. We are always updating and adding farms as we find them.

Each item will list a general idea of the picking season for the months you can expect that fruit to ripen.



Season: July – November



Season: July – August



Season: June – August


Christmas Trees

Season: December



Season: June – October



Season: June – July

Produce From A U-Pick Farm In Colorado


No Farms Available



Season: June – August



Season: September – October



Season: July – October



Season: June – October

Harvest dates are approximate, as each year’s harvest times vary slightly. Harvest times can also depend on the weather. Be sure to contact the farm you are interested in before heading out!

What Is The U-Pick Season For Colorado

The picking season in Colorado usually starts to pick up in June and will go through until November of each year. If you are looking for vegetables, you can start finding these in late April and May. Most fruits will start to ripen and be ready to pick in June and July.

Harvesting in Colorado will last a few months and most fruits we have listed above will be available all around the same time. From June until August you can find Apples, Blueberries, Blackberries, Cherries, Peaches, Raspberries and Strawberries. Raspberries and Strawberries will have the longest harvesting times.

Easily Find A Pick Your Own Farm In Colorado

We created county maps that will actually show you were a farm is located. By looking at our maps you can quickly see where farms are located across Colorado. With 64 counties in Colorado, if a county has a u-pick farm it will be highlighted.

Simply click on what you want to pick from our list above and then look at the counties near you that are highlighted. Click that county name to get a list of farms that are located there.

We have made it easy for you to see the farm’s address as well as their contact information.

Make sure you contact any farm you plan on visiting because every farm will have their own open and close times, as well as their seasons will vary from year to year.

Most u-pick operations have variable hours as well as when they are open or closed for the season. This can be determined by weather or by how quickly they sell out of their produce.

If you know of a farm in Colorado that we are missing, please send us a message so we can get it added to our list! We are always looking to support as many local farms and want to make sure we have everyone listed.





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