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Growing up we would visit local farms where we could pick our own produce. This is where the love of u-pick (pick your own/PYO) grew! A day trip to a local farm to pick fresh produce, apples, blueberries and pumpkins has become a family tradition. We are dedicated to helping you find u-pick farms near you!

At U-Pick Farms USA, our goal is to provide you with local farm fresh produce. Not all farms offer the same produce and while you may live near a strawberry farm, you might need to make a drive to find an apple farm.

If you plan on making those drives, you should be equipped with knowing what farms offer what produce, their hours of operation, how far of a drive they are from you as well as any updates they may have posted on their social media profiles.

Every farm on our website will show what produce they offer, their typical open season, their contact information as well as driving directions so you know how long it will take to get there.

Pick Your Own Farm Produce

As prices increase at local grocery stores, more and more people are looking for ways to find healthier and sometimes cheaper food. What better way of supporting local farmers than to go and pick your own produce.

Farm fresh produce taste better than anything you will get at your local grocery store.

For those looking to find Organic farms, we will be listing these PYO organic farms and will make it easier for you to find them amongst the many other u-pick farms located in your area.

Why Go To A Pick Your Own Farm?

Pick-Your-Own (PYO) farms allow you to go an pick your fruit and vegetables right from the farm itself. There are no middle-men so sometimes the costs of this produce is less than what you would pay at your local grocery store.

Most store bought fruits and vegetables were picked weeks, months and even a year before making it to the shelf.

Bananas and Avocados are shipped to your store ‘green’, where they will start to ripen while they sit on the store shelf.

Picking fruits/vegetables before they are fully ripe, does not allow them to develop the nutrients you would get if you picked the produce and ate it at the same spot.

By going to a u-pick farm you are able to get fruits and vegetables that are ripening right on the tree/bush/vine. They taste better, are better for you and may be cheaper than a store.

Many farms make the experience of going to the farm a fun family-friendly event. Learn about the farm, how the farm operates as well as bring home extra treats, baked goods, and a large bag of freshly picked produce.

This is why we started U-Pick Farms USA – we wanted to make it easy for people to find a local farm that offers the experience of picking your own produce right from the farm.

How To Search For A U-Pick Farm Near You

There are many places where you can find a u-pick farm nearby, from searching online, seeing a sign while driving and from recommendations on social media. But how can you find a farm that offers what you are looking for all while knowing how far of a drive it is to that farm?

You can easily find a farm by searching online but then you have to find out if that farm offers the right produce, find out if they are open and then find out how far away they are.

We created maps that allow you to see where in your state u-pick farms are located. The highlighted green counties are county locations that have farms offering the produce you are looking for.

The maps look something like this:

U-Pick Farm Maps
Green highlighted counties have farms offering u-pick

We make it easy to find U-Pick farms in a location near you in 4 easy steps.

  1. Select What You Want To Pick
  2. Find Your State
  3. Find A County Near You That Is Highlighted Green
  4. View Farms In Your Area That Offer U-Pick (Pick-Your-Own)

U-pick Apples

U-pick Blackberry

U-pick Blueberry

U-pick cherry

Christmas Trees

U-pick Corn

U-pick Oranges

U-pick Peaches

U-pick Pumpkins

U-pick raspberry

U-pick Strawberry

More Coming soon…

Learn More About Top Pick Your Own Farms
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