Find U-Pick Farms in Alaska

What are you looking to pick? Find a u-pick farm in Alaska for any fruit or vegetable.

Are you looking for a u-pick farm here in Alaska? What is unique about Alaska is the rapid growing season for many of the items listed below. Winter can be hard throughout the state, but when summer comes plants grow rapidly.

Obviously there are a few things that don’t grow in Alaska or are not available at a pick your own farm. With the exception of corn, you won’t find an orange farm or peach farm to go picking at. Corn does grow in Alaska, but you most likely won’t find a farm offering pick your own corn on the cob!

Below are a list of items you can pick in Alaska. We are working on finding more farms with more available produce that is available for u-pick. With Alaska being the largest state in the USA, finding farms that offer u-pick or pick your own produce can be difficult.



Season: July – September



Season: July – August



Season: July – August


Christmas Trees

Season: November – December



No Farms Available



Season: August

Produce From A U-Pick Farm In Alaska


No Farms Available



No Farms Available



Season: September – October



Season: July – September



Season: July – August

*Harvest dates are approximate, as each year’s harvest times vary slightly. Harvest times can also depend on the weather. Be sure to contact the farm you are interested in before heading out!

U-Pick Season For Alaska

According to National Geographic, the growing season in Alaska is only 105 days long! Many farmers will start their fruits/vegetables in a greenhouse to get a start on the short growing season. But fruits like Apples will depend on the weather and the actual growing season.

When fruit and vegetables start growing in Alaska, they will grow rapidly. The growing season is very short and depends on what part of Alaska you are in.

Most pick-your-own farms are open from July to September at the latest with the exception of pumpkins and Christmas trees. With so many visitors to the state of Alaska, many people will come to pick wild berries.

Picking berries in the natural landscape of Alaska is an adventure in itself. While there may be a few u-pick berry farms within the state, many people who live here will actually go and get wild berries.

Easily Find A Pick Your Own Farm In Alaska

Please bear with us as we work on adding additional u-pick farms within Alaska. Even though a produce you may want to pick grows here in Alaska, does not mean there is a farm that will offer that item.

To find a pick your own farm, simply click on the item you wish to pick. We created a county map for Alaska that will show exactly where farms are located within the state. That way if you are looking for something like apples but you live down in Homer, you will be able to see how farm away these types of farms are from your location.

If you know of any u-pick farms in Alaska that we have missed, please contact us so we can get them added to our list!





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