Find U-Pick Farms in Alabama

What are you looking to pick? Find a u-pick farm in Alabama for any fruit or vegetable.

Are you looking for a u-pick farm in Alabama? Depending on what you are looking to pick, you can find almost anything in Alabama. We are working at adding additional pick your own farms in Alabama that offer the following items.

We currently do not have any listed Christmas Tree farms, Cherry farms or Orange farms available in Alabama. If you are looking for these items, please check a nearby state to see if they have those items available.

We have a large list of farms in Alabama offering the following produce.

Each item will list a general idea of the picking season for the months you can expect that fruit to ripen.



Season: July – October



Season: June – September


Christmas Trees

No Farms Available



Season: May – August



Season: May – September



No Farms Available

U-Pick Farms In Alabama


No Farms Available



Season: May – September



Season: September – October



Season: July – September



Season: March – July

*Harvest dates are approximate, as each year’s harvest times vary slightly. Harvest times can also depend on the weather. Be sure to contact the farm you are interested in before heading out!

U-Pick Season For Alabama

Most farm picking seasons in Alabama range from May through October. For example, apples and pumpkins are available into October while strawberries are usually done in July, followed by blueberries ending in August and blackberries ending in September.

The listed seasons are usually when the fruit starts to ripen and when the season is over. Most u-pick farms will run through the entire season unless if they are completely picked out. No matter what you do, you must contact the farm you are interested in to make sure their season is still running.

A pick-your-own produce farm may also have a farm stand with pre-picked produce that you can pick up year round. In Alabama the season is usually starting by late spring and is over by winter.

Easily Find A Pick Your Own Farm In Alabama

Our county maps make it easy for you to find a u-pick farm in Alabama. We broke down the state into counties so you can see what counties have farms located within them. Alabama has 67 counties.

Simply find the produce you are looking to pick and then look at the Alabama county map to see where a farm is located that offers that item.

Keep in mind that many pick your own farms in Alabama will offer other types of produce, as well as vegetables, and possibly u-cut flowers. These local farmers may also have their own farm stand or local shop where you can pick up pre-picked produce as well as other goodies like jams, jellies, and baked goods.

We hope you can get out this year and find a u-pick farm in Alabama that you have never visited. Make it a tradition to get out and support our local farmers.

If you know of a farm in Alabama that we are missing, please send us a message so we can get it added to our list! We are always looking to support as many local farms and want to make sure we have everyone listed.





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