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Welcome to our U-Pick farms page for the Sunshine State, Florida. Known for its year-round sunshine, warm climate, and fertile soil, Florida offers a wealth of U-Pick farm experiences where visitors can enjoy the pleasure of picking their own fresh, locally-grown produce.

Easily find a farm near you by using our county maps. Simply choose the produce you would like to pick and then find a county in Florida that is nearest to you.



Season: May – June (Very Few Farms)



Season: June



Season: March – May


Christmas Trees

Season: November – December



Season: April – September



No Farms Available

Produce From A U-Pick Farm In Florida


Season: October – June



Season: April – May



Season: September – October



No Farms Available



Season: December – April

Harvest dates are approximate, as each year’s harvest times vary slightly. Harvest times can also depend on the weather. Be sure to contact the farm you are interested in before heading out!

U-Pick Seasons For Florida

Florida’s unique climate allows for an extended picking season, and its diverse agricultural production provides a variety of fresh fruits and vegetables almost all year round. Here’s a general timeline:

  • Strawberries: December-April
  • Blueberries: March/April-May
  • Blackberries: May-June
  • Peaches: April-May
  • Corn: April-July
  • Pumpkins: October
  • Oranges: October-June (Specific varieties have different seasons)
  • Christmas Trees: Late November-December

These timelines can vary depending on specific farm practices and annual weather conditions.

Florida is home to a wide range of popular U-Pick crops:

  • Strawberries: Plant City, Florida is known as the Winter Strawberry Capital of the World, and the annual Florida Strawberry Festival celebrates this delicious fruit.
  • Oranges: Citrus is king in Florida, and the state is famous for its sweet, juicy oranges. Picking your own is an unforgettable experience.
  • Blueberries: Florida blueberries kick off the national blueberry season in April, making them a popular early spring pick.

Unique Crop To Florida

Florida’s citrus industry is a significant part of the state’s identity. No trip to a Florida U-Pick farm is complete without sampling some of the citrus varieties unique to the state, like the Honeybell Tangelo, a hybrid of a tangerine and a grapefruit, known for its incredibly sweet flavor and juiciness.

Another unique experience is the U-Pick avocado farms. Florida’s avocado varieties, like the Choquette and Monroe, are larger and have a creamier texture than the Hass avocados commonly found in grocery stores.

Why You Should Visit A Florida U-Pick Farm

Visiting U-Pick farms in Florida offers a fun and educational experience. Many farms provide guided tours, teaching visitors about the state’s diverse agricultural practices and crop varieties.

These tours help children and adults alike to learn about where their food comes from, the importance of farming to Florida’s economy, and the nutritional value of the produce they pick.

Florida’s U-Pick farms provide a unique opportunity to enjoy the fresh air, learn about farming, and come home with delicious, locally-grown produce.

Whether you are picking sweet strawberries in the winter, juicy oranges in the spring, or selecting the perfect pumpkin in the fall, Florida’s farms offer something for everyone.

Find A Pick Your Own Farm In Florida

Our county maps make it easy for you to find a u-pick farm in Florida. We broke down the state into counties so you can see what counties have farms located within them. Florida has 67 counties.

Simply find the produce you are looking to pick and then look at the Florida county map to see where a farm is located that offers that item.

Keep in mind that many pick your own farms in Florida will offer other types of produce, as well as vegetables, and possibly u-cut flowers. These local farmers may also have their own farm stand or local shop where you can pick up pre-picked produce as well as other goodies like jams, jellies, and baked goods.

We hope you can get out this year and find a u-pick farm in Florida that you have never visited. Make it a tradition to get out and support our local farmers.

If you know of a farm in Florida that we are missing, please add the farm here. We are always looking to support as many local farms and want to make sure we have everyone listed.





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