Office Of Farm To Fork Acquired By U-Pick Farms USA

U-Pick Farms USA has acquired The Office of Farm to Fork. This was a program used to connect farmers to their local community. School districts used the program to source fresh foods from their local farmers, thus helping to support their local food chain.

These types of programs can be found all across the USA. Some are Farm to Fork while others focus on Farm to School programs, such as:

Our goal at U-Pick Farms USA has always been to help our local audience find a farm near them. We have made it easy for our readers to easily navigate to find a farm, whether they are looking to pick fresh produce, pick fresh fruits or even find Christmas tree farms.

Farm to Fork not only is a healthier food option, but can also help local and often times, struggling farmers. Without our farmers our food sources would be reliant on other means. Without enough farmers our food prices would also increase, putting more people into the food insecure category.

According to Feeding America, over 34 million people in the USA are food insecure.

Together we can help feed more Americans by supporting our food chain and buying from local farms. This ripple effect can hopefully help feed more people in our communities.

By supporting a local farm, some farms offer extra food they grow to their local food banks.

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