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Are you looking for a farm to pick your own produce? Find a farm by choosing the produce you want to pick. Keep in mind that many farms also offer different vegetables and fruits that we may not have listed here.

Welcome to U-Pick Farms USA. We are the biggest online directory for finding a u-pick farm in your area. Our database of farms is always growing as new farms are discovered or people have submitted a farm to be added. We currently have 2,952 farms listed on this website.

Our goal is to make this the one-stop place for you to go to find the most popular produce to pick at a local farm near you! Be sure to bookmark this page and come back often as we are always adding new farms and new items to pick… adding u-cut flowers soon!

We have farms listed for all of the major fruits that people enjoy picking. Many u-pick farms will also have vegetables that you can either pick or buy directly from their farm stand. Many farmers also offer other goodies such as, jams, jellies, honey, breads and other baked items.

Depending on the season you go picking, you may be able to enjoy festivals, corn mazes, hayrides, bounce houses/games, and face painting. Our family loves picking apples in the late summer and then going back and picking pumpkins in early Fall.

The farms in our area of North Carolina sell tickets to their farm so that they can control how many people come out in one day. Just be sure to check to see if the farm you are interested in visiting doesn’t require a ticket to enter.

Many farms work hard to make it a family friendly event, where everyone can both learn and enjoy picking fresh produce. Even if you have never gone to a u-pick farm, it’s a great way to start a new tradition like we have!

Our kids will grow up loving the outdoors, learning to support our local farmers and understand where fresh produce truly comes from.

What Will You Pick Today?

Easily find a u-pick farm in your area by choosing the produce you want to pick!

We make it easy to find a farm near you based on your county location. If your county is highlighted in ‘green’, then our system is registering that there is a farm in that county that offers the produce you are looking to pick.

We do not list the farm’s hours of operation because every farm is different and their open and close times changes as the seasons change!

It’s impossible to list open hours accurately, so be sure you check the farm’s social media page for any update to their hours or you can easily give them a call to verify their hours and open season.


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Know of a farm we are missing? Please add the farm here and help us find every u-pick farm in the USA!

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