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What are you looking to pick? Find a u-pick farm in Nevada for any fruit or vegetable.

Welcome to our u-pick farms guide for Nevada, the Silver State. While many associate Nevada primarily with its desert landscapes, glittering cities, and the allure of Las Vegas, the state also boasts agricultural pockets that offer unique u-pick experiences. Here, in the shadows of rugged mountains and vast valleys, visitors can relish the joy of harvesting their own fresh produce.

Are you looking for a u-pick farm in Nevada? You’ve come to the right place as we have hundreds of farms listed on our website for Nevada. Your state has very few options for the types of u-pick farms available.

What does grow in Nevada will have a short season because of the heat of the summers.

Simply choose what you want to pick and you will quickly be able to see the farms that are located within your county or nearby counties. We make it easy to not only find a u-pick farm but to also get driving directions right from where you are.



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Produce From A U-Pick Farm In Nevada


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Season: July – August

Harvest dates are approximate, as each year’s harvest times vary slightly. Harvest times can also depend on the weather. Be sure to contact the farm you are interested in before heading out!

U-Pick Seasons For Nevada

Due to its predominantly arid climate, Nevada has a distinctive picking season compared to many other states:

  • Strawberries: May-June
  • Blackberries: July-August
  • Raspberries: June-July
  • Pumpkins: October

These timelines might fluctuate based on specific farm locations and the weather dynamics of a particular year.

Popular Fruits Available In Nevada

Though Nevada’s agricultural offerings might seem limited compared to wetter states, the region’s farms have honed their craft to produce some delightful u-pick crops:

  • Strawberries: As warmer temperatures settle in, strawberry patches in Nevada offer sweet, ripe berries.
  • Blackberries and Raspberries: These sun-loving fruits find select spots in the state, thriving in the high desert’s unique climate.
  • Pumpkins: As fall paints the landscape, pumpkin patches become the main attraction, especially for families and festive events.

Unique Crop To Nevada

Given its dry climate, Nevada is home to certain crops that are less common in other states. For instance, certain areas in Nevada are conducive to date farming. While not as widespread as other u-pick activities, some farms allow visitors to experience the pleasure of picking dates straight from the palm.

Why You Should Visit A Nevada U-Pick Farm

A trip to a u-pick farm in Nevada is not only about the joy of fresh produce but also an educational exploration. Farms often provide insights into water conservation methods, sustainable farming in arid conditions, and the challenges and rewards of agriculture in such a unique environment.

Whether you’re sampling the first strawberries of the season or selecting the perfect pumpkin for a Halloween carving, Nevada’s u-pick farms offer a distinct and memorable agricultural journey. As you enjoy the fruits of your labor, take a moment to respect the determination and innovation of Nevada’s farming community, who turn challenging conditions into bountiful harvests.

Find A Pick Your Own Farm In Nevada

Our county maps make it easy for you to find a u-pick farm in Nevada. We broke down the state into counties so you can see what counties have farms located within them. Nevada has 16 counties.

Simply find the produce you are looking to pick and then look at the Nevada county map to see where a farm is located that offers that item.

Keep in mind that many pick your own farms in Nevada will offer other types of produce, as well as vegetables, and possibly u-cut flowers. These local farmers may also have their own farm stand or local shop where you can pick up pre-picked produce as well as other goodies like jams, jellies, and baked goods.

We hope you can get out this year and find a u-pick farm in Nevada that you have never visited. Make it a tradition to get out and support our local farmers.

If you know of a farm in Nevada that we are missing, please add the farm here. We are always looking to support as many local farms and want to make sure we have everyone listed.





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