Find U-Pick Farms In California

What are you looking to pick? Find a u-pick farm in California for any fruit or vegetable.

Are you looking for u-pick farms in California? California has an abundance of u-pick farms offering almost anything you can think of. Picking your own produce in this state is as easy as finding the closest u-pick farm.

Most farms that are listed will also grow other types of produce. If you are looking for apples but also want vegetables, some farms may have fields of different vegetables that you can harvest as well. If they don’t, then check to see if they have a farmers market or store where you can pick up fresh farm produce.

Below is a list of items you can easily pick at a farm near you. Simply find what you want to pick and you will be able to find a farm near your county.



Season: August – December



Season: May – August



Season: May – July


Christmas Trees

Season: December



Season: June – October



Season: May – June

Produce From A U-Pick Farm In California


Season: Year Round*



Season: May – September



Season: October



Season: July – September



Season: January – August

Harvest dates are approximate, as each year’s harvest times vary slightly. Harvest times can also depend on the weather. Be sure to contact the farm you are interested in before heading out!

U-Pick Season For California

Because of how long California is, the picking season can actually run almost year round. What does not grow in the northern part of the state can grow and ripen at different times in the southern part of the state. The picking season dates listed above are a general idea of when you can actually go and pick that fruit or item.

Some seasonal dates start by the middle of the month. These are just general guidelines to follow since all picking seasons change yearly and are dependent on weather.

Orange Seasons – There are many different varieties of Oranges that ripen at different times of the year. In California Orange season can really last all year long. When one variety is over another type of orange or citrus fruit is ripening. If you are looking for oranges or citrus in general, be sure to confirm with the u-pick orange farm that they are open for their season. If they are not or do not carry the orange variety you are looking for, ask them what farms are open.

California is also a long state, running about 840 miles from the north at the Oregon border down to the south at the Mexican border. With this length of California, comes different environments. This affects what grows in the state as well as how long the growing seasons are. This is why you can find some form of orange/citrus fruit year round as different varieties ripen at different times throughout the year.

Easily Find A Pick Your Own Farm In California

There are 58 counties located in California. Our county maps have made it easy for you to quickly find a u-pick farm near you. We broke down the state into counties so you can see what counties will have farms located. Since most farms are out in the country and not located within large cities, it is difficult to show u-pick farms based on city locations.

Not only do we help you see where you can find a pick your own farm, we also provide the farm’s contact information as well as driving directions.

We hope that you will use this site to find a pick your own farm in California but to also find other farms nearby that you would have otherwise missed. Help support our local farmers, buy their produce and enjoy a day at the farm.





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