Strawberry Picking In Minnesota | 18 U-Pick Farms To Visit

Strawberry picking in Minnesota is one of the best times to participate in wholesome, family friendly activities. Many families participate in the wonderful tradition of picking sweet strawberries fresh off the vine every summer.

Most strawberry farms in Minnesota use nature-friendly farming methods to produce organic berries, which adds a rich flavor to your favorite recipes. Whether you like your berries covered in cream or mixed with the effervescence of herbs such as basil and mint, you are in for a treat.

Picking strawberries, known for their perfect mix of fiber, vitamins, and antioxidants, is also one of the perfect ways to teach your young ones about farming. They will also appreciate learning how to make their jams, jellies, strawberry smoothies, milkshakes, and other family recipes.

Berry Hill Farm in Anoka Minnesota, is one of the most popular u-pick strawberry farms in the Twin Cities area. Make a day out of it with the family by visiting the local tourist attractions on the way to the farm.

There are several parks around the area that your family will also enjoy, such as the Rum River Central Regional Park or Wild Water Woods Park to name a few. Both of these attractions are only a few miles from Berry Hill Farm.

Go Strawberry Picking In Minnesota At One Of These U-Pick Strawberry Farms

When Is Strawberry Picking Season In Minnesota?

Strawberry picking season is fleeting in Minnesota, so it is best to plan early. The season opens around mid-June and ends in July. Of course, weather conditions are also a significant determinant of when the season starts and how long it lasts.

The fact is – strawberry picking season in Minnesota is often too short and last about a month!

We would recommend calling ahead before heading out to visit any of the strawberry farms below, to confirm their time and availability. You can also keep an eye on their social media pages to see their current opening times and dates.

Here are some of our top picks for strawberry picking in Minnesota to check out as you plan your summer activities.

Strawberry Picking In North Minnesota

Spectrum Farm Strawberries

If you are looking for organic strawberries, Spectrum Farm Strawberries has plenty to pick. The farm offers pesticide free farming and practices sustainable farming. In 2017, Spectrum acquired Finke’s Berry Farm.

Aside from picking strawberries, you can also purchase eggs, pork, beef, chicken, honey, and maple syrup. Strawberries start from $4 per pound.

Carter’s Red Wagon Farm

Carter’s Red Wagon Farm is a family favorite specializing in strawberries, asparagus, pumpkins, rhubarb, and sweet corn. As one of the oldest farms in Minnesota, this farm has become a part of seasonal u-pick traditions for many families.

Besides harvesting your own fruit and fresh produce you can also purchase jams and jellies at the farm. Prices start from $3 per quart. This farm also has plenty of activities for kids and family. However you can also visit the Evergreen Fun Park nearby for a fun-filled family adventure.

Lunemann’s Luney Berries Strawberry Farm

Strawberry picking at this farm is an annual event for many friends and families to anticipate in. The farm also hosts events so be sure to make a reservation if you have a special occasion coming up.

If you are looking for pre-picked strawberries then this is the farm to get them! They start at $25 per flat for pre-picked. Simply call their phone number to place your order and they will have your pre-picked strawberries ready and set aside for you to pick up. If you want to come and pick your own, the price is less. Make sure you bring cash to Lunemann’s Luney Berries Strawberry Farm as they do not take cards.

  • Address: 41237 County Road 63 Cohasset MN 55721
  • Phone: (218) 328-5176
  • Social Media: Facebook

Strawberry Picking Near The Twin Cities in Minnesota

Strawberries waiting to be picked at a strawberry farm in Minnesota
Strawberries waiting to be picked at a strawberry farm in Minnesota

Berry Hill Farm

Berry Hill Farm is one of the most popular strawberry-picking farms in the Twin Cities Metro area. The 100-acre farm in Anoka opens in mid-May when you can pick rhubarb, mid-June for strawberry picking, and early July for raspberries.

There are also plenty of family activities in Berry Hill, such as tractor rides around the farm. Prices range from $3 per pound for u-pick berries and up to $30 for pre-picked 6-pound boxes. Check out their Berry Bulletin for specific dates and times.

Wyatt’s Strawberries

Wyatt’s Strawberries is also a family favorite u-pick farm in the Twin Cities area. The family-owned farm is known for extending the strawberry season by opening until early July. The farm encourages visitors to pre-book or call ahead to find out the patch conditions before visiting.

Wyatt’s also has a reputation as one of Minnesota’s most family-friendly u-pick strawberry farms. There are plenty of fun activities near this farm in Hastings, such as Rice Park and Minnesota Zoo.

Strawberry prices start from $3 – $6 per pound or $0.70 per waxed berry boxed.

  • Address: 10370 180th St E Hastings MN 55033
  • Phone: (651) 437-8479
  • Social Media: Facebook

Rod’s Berry Farm

Rod’s Berry Farm is an 80-acre farm, enjoying a bountiful supply of fresh, clean water which they use to grow the most delicious strawberries. This award-winning farm is also recognized as the 1995 Minnesota River Friendly Farmer Award winner.

For over 30 years, the farm has opened its doors to friends and family, where they can enjoy an entire row of juicy strawberries. The farm also provides rides to the patch.

Berries start from $2.80 to $4.50 per pound. If you plan a trip to Rob’s Berry Farm, you can also stop by the Bob Dylan Mural and the Minneapolis Sculpture Garden to enjoy some art.

Lorence’s Berry Farm

This u-pick strawberry farm located in Northfield, Minnesota is ideal for you and your family if you enjoy park activities or visiting the zoo. Lorence’s Berry Farm is conveniently located near the Minnesota Zoo, Ramblin River Park, Antlers Park, and many more.

The 22-acre farm opens in summer for strawberries and the fall for raspberries. You can also visit the farm for asparagus when in season. Berries start from $7 – $40 per quart.

The Berry Patch

The Berry Patch is one the oldest u-pick strawberry farms in Minnesota. It is located near Afton State Park, Valleyfair, and the Chippewa National Forest, so there are plenty of attractions to visit if you finish picking your strawberries early in the day.

Summer strawberry picking season at this farm lasts 3-4 weeks, from mid-June to early July. This is followed by raspberry picking which opens around July. Blueberries close the season in late June or early July, lasting 5-6 weeks into mid-August. Berries are priced from $3 per pound.

D Round Barn Berries

On your way to this newly-opened strawberry-picking farm, you and your family can enjoy the scenic views of Fish Lake Region, Minnesota Landscape Arboretum, and Henry’s Wood Park. You can also go sightseeing on the farm itself as you pick juicy strawberries fresh off the vine.

Depending on the season, D Round Barn Farm has a wide variety of berries. You can sign on to their page to receive an email with the different types of berries available when they are in season. Strawberries start from $3 – $5 per pound.

  • Address: 2260 Jamison Avenue NE Saint Michael MN 55376
  • Phone: (612) 237-8443
  • Email:
  • Website:
  • Social Media: Facebook

The Strawberry Basket

The Strawberry Basket offers strawberries in June and blueberries in July. They also offer garlic in August, so make your requests early. You can also buy a variety of lotion bars, lip balms, and honey from the farm.

This farm is also located near interesting tourist areas such as Bridgeview Park, Pioneer Park, and others. Strawberries are priced from $2.70 to $4.50 per pound.

  • Address: 12591 Aetna Ave NE Monticello MN 55362
  • Phone: (763) 878-2875
  • Email:
  • Website:
  • Social Media: Facebook

Pine Tree Apple Orchard

This u-pick strawberry farm is located northeast of the Twin Cities in the White Bear Lake area. Hundreds of families and friends of the farm join each year to enjoy the summer strawberry-picking tradition from mid-June to early July.

In the Fall, you can head back to the farm for pumpkin and apple picking. At Pine Tree Apple Orchard there are plenty of activities at the farm and plenty of holiday gifts to buy for your loved ones.

Little Hill Berry Farm

If you are looking for organic berries, Little Hill Berry Farm should be on your list of berry-picking farms to visit in Northfield, Minnesota. Each year the farm offers a variety of berries, herbs, vegetables, and flower plants that you can order to grow in your garden.

You can choose from strawberries, elderberries, blueberries, black and red currants, honeyberries, Aronia berries, and raspberries, among others. All the plants at this farm are grown sustainably.

U-pick strawberry season at Little Hill starts in mid-July and runs until September. U-pick blueberries are available in July and August.

T Berries

This farm is popular for its sweet juicy strawberries as well as fresh farm produce including potatoes, melons, tomatoes, asparagus, cabbage, green beans, broccoli, herbs, canned foods, onion, garlic, and raspberries.

At T Berries, strawberries start from $2.75 per pound. Although the farm has limited activities, you can enjoy nearby tourist attractions such as the Como Park Zoo.

  • Address: 38345 County Road 9 Avon MN 56310
  • Phone: (320) 746-2341
  • Social Media: Facebook

Strawberry Picking In South Minnesota

Miracle Strawberry Farm

Visit the Miracle Strawberry Farm to learn more about farming and faith from the Mosier family. The farm grows natural, delicious strawberries that keep regulars coming back year after year. This farm does not offer pre-picked strawberries choosing instead to help families bond over berry harvesting.

Like many other farms on this list, the Miracle Strawberry Farm is also near some interesting tourist attractions. Consider passing by the Carpenter Nature Center, Zollman Zoo, the Olmsted History Center, and others.

  • Address: 60687 205th Ave Dodge Center MN 55927
  • Phone: (507) 884-7247 or (507) 884-7246
  • Email:
  • Website:
  • Social Media: Facebook

Firefly Berries

Firefly Berries specializes in strawberries, blackberries, raw honey, and concord grapes. The small, family-owned farm also offers naturally dyed yarn which is ideal for you if you are looking for unique yarn for DIY projects.

Strawberries start at $2.50 per pound for u-pick options and $6 per quart for pre-picked berries. Firefly Berries also offer educational tours.

  • Address: 5542 23rd St NE Rochester MN 55906
  • Phone: (507) 252-1309
  • Email:
  • Website:
  • Social Media: Facebook

Straight River Farm

This farm offers strawberries, blueberries, raspberries, and apples. Straight River Farm is one of the few farms that offers up to three varieties of strawberries including Cavendish, Wendy, and Jewel.

Prices start from $2.75 per pound for u-pick strawberries and up to $3.75 per pound for pre-picked berries. The farm is near a zoo where younger family members can enjoy seeing amphibians and reptiles.

  • Address: 3733 220th St E Faribault MN 55021
  • Phone: (507) 334-2226
  • Email:
  • Website:
  • Social Media: Facebook

Hilltop Harvest Strawberry Farm

Strawberry season at Hilltop Harvest Strawberry Farm starts in mid-June to early July. The farm also has a small playground, convenient picnic tables where you can enjoy your harvest, and a food truck. Hilltop also offers sweet treats such as refreshing ice cream, and baked treats made using farm-fresh berries.

Prices start from $3.50 per pound. However, you can also order pre-picked strawberries at $5.50 per pound. There are plenty of tourist attractions near the farm including the zoo at Redwood Falls.

Strawberry Picking In West Minnesota

Otter Berry Farm

Otter Berry Farm has plenty of exciting activities, including wagon rides for the younger members of your family and a GPS-enabled maze. The farm also features a petting zoo next to the strawberry patch, so if the little ones get full from sampling tasty berries, they can pet the animals.

You and your family can also enjoy a picnic after harvesting your bounty. If you would like to visit some interesting spots around Fergus Falls, check out Finn Creek Museum or Chief Wenonga Statue and other tourist spots.

  • Address: 520 Fir Ave W Fergus Falls MN 56537
  • Phone: (218) 346-5034
  • Email:
  • Website:
  • Social Media: Facebook

Go Support A U-pick Strawberry Farm In Minnesota This Season!

If you are wondering where you can go strawberry picking in Minnesota, this list offers you plenty of options. The farms listed here offer plenty of fun activities and you can also make a day of it by visiting interesting tourist attractions such as the Minneapolis Sculpture Garden which is only a 30 mile drive from Berry Hill Farm.

Strawberry picking offers you the chance to bond with family over fun activities as you enjoy fresh, juicy strawberries. You also do not have to worry about picking too many as these berries freeze well and a handful makes the perfect low-calorie addition to your home-made smoothies.

Remember, strawberry season in Minnesota is short, lasting only a few weeks, so plan ahead to ensure you and your family do not miss out on the fun.

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