Spectrum Farm Strawberries

Spectrum Farm Strawberries is located in Carlton Minnesota.

We have been engaged in sustainable farming for over twenty years. Several miles from the strawberry field, we produce chicken, pork, eggs, beef, maple syrup and honey.

We use no insecticides, fungicides or conventional fertilizers.

Our weed control consists of a small flock of Geese that we use to keep down grasses in the strawberry field and a small legion of dedicated workers that scour the fields for invading weeds.

Our farm focuses on growing some of the best strawberries in Minnesota and we love offering them as pick-your-own.

The strawberry picking season in Minnesota runs through the month of July! This means you need to act quickly if you want to get some of the best and freshest strawberries.

Be sure to follow Spectrum Farm Strawberries on Facebook as we are very active at keeping our customers up to date on our open and close times.

We hope to see you at Spectrum Farm Strawberries this season!


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Open Season: July.


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