U-Pick Apple Farms In Kansas

Are you looking to pick your own apples in Kansas?

Many u-pick farms offer different fruits that you can pick, not just apples.

Most you pick farms are referred to as u-pick, u-pik, pick-your-own, PYO. When you see these terms, you know they are usually open to the public and will allow you to actually pick your own fruits and vegetables directly from their farm.

Our goal is to help you find a local apple farm, where you can easily travel to their farm and pick what they have to offer.

Each farm we list will allow you to quickly see what produce they offer and what their open seasons are. We tried to make it easy for you to find a u-pick apple farm in Kansas based on your county location.

The maps we have created will show all of the counties in Kansas. The counties that are highlighted will have a farm that you can drive to.

Simply find the county nearest you to see if there are any apple u-pick farms available. Not all counties will have a u-pick farm for the specific fruit you may be looking for.

Keep in mind that many farms will offer multiple different fruits and vegetables, not just the apples you may be looking for.

When you find a farm that interests you and you want to travel to, be sure to contact that farm before heading out. We found it very hard to keep up to date on each farm’s seasons and hours.

Seasonal hours vary from farm to farm and from state to state as each produce ripens at different times. Many times, the ripening of the fruit or vegetable will depend on the weather.

There are also many farms that have gone out of business, which we have tried to remove from our database. There are also many new u-pick farms that are opening each year.

Counties in Kansas Where You Can Pick Your Own Apples

The highlighted counties below have farms where you can pick your own apples.


If you cannot find a u-pick apple farm in your county, be sure to check other county locations nearby. Some u-pick farms are usually away from heavily populated areas and located in country settings.

Depending on your state, you may have to travel a long distance to get to a farm that offers what you are looking to pick. Thankfully, many pick-your-own farms now offer activities for the entire family, so you can make it a day long trip to the farm.

Things To Consider When Looking For A U-Pick Apple Farm In Kansas

Some u-pick farms may be near you, but other farms who are a further drive away may offer more variety of produce or options of what you can pick and bring home.

A farm that is further away may also offer more activities, such as:

  • Food trucks or food for purchase
  • Has a small farmers market with pre-picked fruits and vegetables
  • Sells their own jams, jellies, mixes, etc
  • Has baked goods like, breads, cookies, pastries, etc
  • Has holiday decorations for any upcoming seasonal holiday
  • Offers hayrides, or tractor rides within the farm
  • May have a playground or other fun activities for children

Don’t limit yourself to just a farm that is closest to your location. Get out and explore what other u-pick farms are within your state.

You may also find that the u-pick farm you are interested in visiting sells tickets and is only open on certain days. We found that many u-picks allow people to come on the weekends and are only open on the weekdays for school field trips, homeschool groups and other larger groups.

Contact The U-Pick Apple Farm Before Heading Out

If you find a farm that interests you, be sure to check out their Facebook page or other social media pages. Most u-pick farms in Kansas keep their social media profiles up to date on when they are open, when their season is closed as well as if you need to buy a ticket to enter the farm.

If the farm you are interested in has not updated their social media pages in over a year, it is safe to say they are either closed for good or are giving their trees/bushes a rest.

Each farm we list will offer a map to allow you to determine what your drive time to that farm will be. We are not able to show their business hours because most farms have very different open and closed seasons.

Their seasons are usually determined by weather conditions and how quickly their apples ripens.

Many of these farms will also post on their social profiles if they are closed for a certain number of days. For example, if all of the ripe apples are picked, then that farm may close down for a few days in order to allow more of their fruit to ripen.

If you need additional help, we try to list the farm’s phone number where they can be reached.

Thanks for sharing!