Miller Farms

Our Fall Harvest Festival celebrates the season with a one of a kind experience.

Each year, Miller Farms is pleased to work with thousands of individuals and school children to show folks of all ages what happens on a real working farm.

Many people don’t realize that their food comes from a farm or that it just doesn’t appear in their local market.

All of our activities and harvesting are included in the cost of admission.

Begin your day by navigating your way through our corn maze. Visit ‘Antique Alley’ and enjoy your lunch in our picnic area, where we’ve got dozens of covered tables set up for your convenience.

We have trash barrels and washing stations throughout, as well as several portable restrooms.

Take our hayride through 180 acres of fields where you can pick your own vegetables; potatoes, carrots, onions, beets, Indian corn, squash, peppers, and the list goes on!

You may even get your very own pumpkin to take with you. If you aren’t up to picking your own, we always have plenty of produce on hand in the roadside stand.

We also have our chile roaster going for a wonderful treat!

We do offer snacks, drinks and other delicious treats with food on the weekends!


  • Pumpkins

Open Season: September, October.


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