Kingsley Orchards Blueberry Farm

At Kingsley Orchards, we specialize in cultivating the finest blueberries in the region by maintaining our standard for excellence and unrelenting attention to detail.

In 2016, we embraced the orchard and made the commitment to producing top quality blueberries for our customers.

Our goal is simple: provide the best tasting blueberries in the marketplace, offer outstanding customer service, and develop lasting relationships with our customers through trust and mutual respect.

Our orchard has a long and rich history. Established in the early 1950’s, the farm was originally much larger.

By the 1980’s, it was owned and operated by Tom Ryan with over 50 of the 138 acres devoted to highbush blueberry fields, 8 acres of peach and nectarine orchards, and 4 acres of black raspberries and thornless blackberries.

The farm offered 11 varieties of blueberries and enjoyed over 35,000 “pick your own” visitors each season!

Today, we grow 6 to 8 types of blueberries on our fruitful farm and always look forward to visits from our “U-Pick” friends.


  • Blueberry

Open Season: July, August.


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