Harris Establishment Farms

The Harris Family consists of Greg and Becca with their children Anna and Connor.

Their journey to becoming farmers started in early 2019 when their seven year old daughter, Anna, wanted to volunteer at a farm.

Since Anna was too young to volunteer at local farms Becca helped her start her own business, Anna’s Candy Shop, in order to work at the local Farmers Market and meet the local farmers.

Anna’s love for farming and large animals continued to grow so the Harris family started looking for land in Brevard County that could be farmed and opened to the public as a you pick farm.

After a few properties fell through they thought the dream was dead.

Then during the Covid-19 lock down in 2020 they came across the land you see today in Palm Bay.

What started as vacant land, untouched for decades, has taken two years to clean up, design, and develop into a U-Pick Adventure.


  • Pumpkins

Open Season: October.


Driving Directions