Bette’s Blues Blueberry Farm

We are a family owned and operated farm since 2007.

We began as a commercial farm, but the need for fresh fruit from hand to table became so apparent to us within our community that we closed our commercial doors and opened as strictly u-pick.

We offer a variety of blueberries, thorn-less blackberries, and now peaches!

Our season typically begins in April beginning with blueberries and peaches coming in close behind.

The season then wraps up with the thorn-less blackberries.

Mother Nature always has a mind of her own so we watch and love on our crops until we know they are ready to be picked before we post hours of operation so keep a watch out for our opening days!

And come pick ya’ some berries


  • Blackberry
  • Blueberry
  • Peaches

Open Season: April, May, June.


Driving Directions