Lyna Berry Farms

Corporate life to farming is their story!

In 2004 while standing in line at a home improvement store, Lyna met a couple that were blueberry farmers…and the wheels started turning.

Both Lyna and Susan are drawn to the outdoors and after sitting at a corporate desk for many years, they decided to take the jump and start farming…so LYNA BERRY FARMS, INC. was born.

They started with a small field at their home and then expanded with the purchase of an additional 20 acres a few miles away.

The pride of accomplishment that comes from hard work…very hard work…is so worth every long day.

Farming is not for the faint of heart and requires a passion and drive to make it a success.

They take on this challenge everyday and hope you will visit their farms to see the results!


  • Blueberry

Open Season: April, May.


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