Ellsworth Tree Farm

Ellsworth Tree Farm has been a family-owned for three generations. Our farm was converted into a Christmas tree farm in 1980.

It has since operated as a full-service farm that provides help at every aspect of your visit, should you need it!

Our trees are special. We pride ourselves in providing top quality Christmas trees. We work with our trees year round.

Starting early spring, we plant young tree seedlings (called transplants), where trees have been cut the previous year.

We also plant tiny baby trees into a small bed until they are old enough to move into the field.

We work our fields each week throughout the year. The trees need fertilizer and lime to grow big and strong.

Each tree is fed by hand to ensure they get the right amount of nutrients.

The grass, weeds, brush, and destructive insects are kept under control to help them stay strong. Our farm grows Fraser and Concolor fir trees.

All of our trees, fresh-cut trees and cut-your-own trees, are guaranteed to last through the holiday season!

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  • Christmas Trees

Open Season: November, December.


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