Sawyer’s Farm

Sawyer’s Farm has been a family owned and operated Farm since 1945.

The late Othro-or Tom, as his family & friends knew him, purchased 100 acres and worked as a dairy farmer through 1978.

Tom had over 30 cows until the Dairy Industry took over.

In 1978, with all the cows sold off, Tom sold small fruits, vegetables, and hay. Eventually Tom harrowed in the fruits & vegetables-making Sawyer’s Farm a 100-acre hay Farm.

Tom continued to work the farm with his John Deere tractors through his early 80’s and always kept track of the “going-ons” around the Farm.

Today, Sawyer’s Farm continues to follow Tom’s legacy, proudly remaining family owned and operated for its 75th year.

With three generations participating in it’s evolution over the decades; the Farm currently offers quality hay, lush blueberries, and cord wood.


  • Blueberry

Open Season: July, August.


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