Pellegrini’s Strawberry Farm

Pellegrini’s Strawberry farm harvested its first acre of Strawberries in 1976.

It originated as a project to provide work and a source of income for the children to help put them through college if they desired to further their education.

Acreage expanded to about 3 acres during most of the first 15 years  and to 5-6 acres in 1990 when the owner retired from his main job.

Today acreage remains at 6-7 with 75% harvested as pick your own and 25% for pre-picked strawberries.

Seven varieties are grown, the majority are Cavendish a large sweet berry preferred by local customers.

Other varieties include Jewel,  Kent, L’Amore, Dar-select, Brunswick, and Cabot.


  • Strawberry

Open Season: July.


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