Lee Peterson Tree Farm

Harry and Judy Peterson began tree farming in 1956 in Becker and Orrock, Minnesota.

Their daughters and son helped in the family farming business at a young age.

After the Orrock farm was made into a refuge, the Christmas tree farm was consolidated in Becker, Minnesota.

The daughters eventually married and moved out of state, but Judy and Harry’s son, Lee Peterson, continued the family farming tradition.

After Harry passed away, Lee and Judy kept the farm active. Lee even expanded the Christmas tree farm by adding an apple orchard.

Linda Hoffmann, Judy and Harry’s oldest daughter, and Linda’s husband, Mark Hoffmann, a retired Special Forces veteran, asked to dedicate the fence surrounding the newly-planted apple orchard to the fallen soldiers of the Iraq and Afghanistan wars, a remembrance to their ultimate sacrifice.

After Judy’s passing, Lee took over all family farming responsibilities and continued Judy and Harry’s farming legacy.


  • Apples
  • Christmas Trees

Open Season: September, October, December.


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