Huffstutter Orchards

A small independent orchard, Huffstutter Orchards are located 25 miles from Columbia in New Franklin, Missouri.

Originally the orchards only grew apples, but now the Huffstutters grow peaches.

In 2000, Huffstutter Orchards created a “U-Pick” orchard of apples.

Huffstutter Orchards traces its roots to St. Joseph, Missouri when Wilbur Weisenborn opened an orchard and dairy.

Mr. Weisenborn worked the orchard with his daughter and son-in-law Betty and Ralph Huffstutter.

In 1958, Mr. Weisenborn was forced to sell the family farm to make way for the new interstate.

As a result, the Huffstutters bought an orchard in New Franklin, Missouri.

Currently Richard and his wife Pamela own and manage the family orchard.

We have both retired so we now are you pick only!


  • Apples

Open Season: September, October.


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