Nelson Produce Farm

Nelson Produce Farm is located in Valley Nebraska.

For over 15 years, Tyler and Pam Nelson, along with their 4 girls, have supplied Omaha and the surrounding areas with farm fresh produce.

As first-generation vegetable farmers, they have spent the last decade and a half working hard on the land and at their dreams.

In 2019, a new dream was born—to invite the surrounding areas and beyond to experience their everyday life, educate the public about the ins and outs of farming and the agricultural industry, and have a great time enjoying Nebraska’s beautiful outdoors.

They opened their doors to the public to help bridge the gap between rural and urban Nebraska.

Guests at the farm can tour the interactive property, pick fresh produce from our acres of fruit and vegetable plants like ripe strawberries in the summer or big ol’ pumpkins in the fall, and engage with our sweet barnyard animals.

Come jump hay bales, ride pedal trikes, take a trip on our barrel train, and spend hours getting creative in our natural playground.

And make sure to stop by Pam’s Kitchen for a Lil’ Farmer Meal or Watermelon Slushie. We have a full menu of homemade meals and baked goods available daily!

Nelson Produce Farm Hours & Picking Season

No matter where you go to pick your fruits and vegetables, u-pick farms will all have different open times and seasonal times based on many different factors.

We list ‘Open Season’ below as a general guide to when you can find what Nelson Produce Farm offers.

This seasonal open date can start in the middle or end of the month. Some u-pick farms are also only open for a short period of time. Depending on where in the country you are located, some produce may have very short seasons.

The actual business hours will vary based on the farm, where they are located and when their fruits and vegetables are ripe and ready for picking.

It is impossible to get a set standard on business hours or even an exact date of seasonal openings and closings.

For this reason, we try hard to be as accurate as possible with Nelson Produce Farm u-pick seasons. It is up to you to check with the farm to make sure they are open and what their hours of operation are.

Weather is also a factor in both the seasonal openings/closings and business hours of a farm. Weather alone can affect when a crop will ripen or even if there will be a crop available this year.

Too much rain, not enough rain and not enough sun can also affect the timing of when Nelson Produce Farm will have a crop ready for u-pick.

We have listed the contact information of Nelson Produce Farm below to help you with finding their open times and what produce they are currently picking. Some farms only have one produce they are picking while others will have many different fruits and vegetables available throughout the year.

Even if the farm only offers one item to pick, they may have a farmers market or fruit stand where you can buy additional items or goodies to take home with you.

We found that most farms have at least one social media account where they will list their seasonal opening and closings, including pictures of their produce.

If you are ever in doubt, please call Nelson Produce Farm before heading out to make sure they are open.

Thank You For Supporting Nelson Produce Farm

One of our main purposes is to support farms from all over the United States. Growing up our family would always make it a point to find a local farm to support and pick fresh strawberries.

Now our children get to have the same experience and learn what it means to support farmers who provide not only our fruits but also vegetables. This becomes a learning experience for them and a tradition we hope that they continue to carry with them.

Besides, going to a local u-pick farm is not only fun but gets you out of the house and active!

When you support a local farm like Nelson Produce Farm, you are supporting small businesses and the families that go with that farm. You are also promoting a healthier lifestyle and our mission for a sustainable food source.

Some of the larger u-pick farmers also support your local food banks. We would love to see a world where our smaller farmers are producing more of our fresh produce and can compete with bigger box stores.

If you have been to a local u-pick, you probably know the difference in quality of their fruits and vegetables compared to your local box store.

Again, thank you for supporting Nelson Produce Farm and please reach out to them if you are interested in visiting their farm. Make sure they are open before you head out.

Nelson Produce Farm Is Located In Valley NE

If you are looking for a farm in Valley, then Nelson Produce Farm is the place to go! If you live in the area, check out this farm.

Our family enjoys exploring new farms even if they are a further drive away. This is how we have found some of our favorite farms and have made it a tradition to visit them at least once a year.

Some of our best memories are made enjoying these farms and we hope you get to experience the same!

Getting To Nelson Produce Farm

Below you can find the contact information that we have for Nelson Produce Farm. Every u-pick farm listed on our website will have an address and some form of contact information.

As we have mentioned earlier, please contact the farm or check out their social media to make sure they are open for the date and time you are looking to visit their farm.

If you have questions for the farm, you will need to contact them – otherwise if you have questions for U-Pick Farms USA, please send us a message.

We hope to see you at Nelson Produce Farm in the near future!

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  • Pumpkins
  • Strawberry

Open Season: June, July, August, September.


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