Burdick Blueberries

At Burdick Blueberries we take great joy in guiding you through a blueberry pick-your-own experience like none other.

We carefully monitor forty acres of delicious premium blueberries and then show you where to harvest the best pick of the day.

We grow over eight highbush varieties, each ripening at slightly different points in the season.

This provides you with the freshest, highest quality berry of the moment, whether its mid-July or mid-August.

You’ll enjoy our well maintained grounds including the skillfully pruned bushes and finish mowed grass aisles.

Experience the surprising ease of picking your own blueberries captured at their peak flavor and nutrition.

We’d love to host you and think that you’ll love the beauty of this hidden gem in the Enchanted Mountains of New York’s Cattaraugus County.


  • Blueberry

Open Season: June, July, August, September.


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