Ransom Sage Farm

Ransom Sage Farm started as a dream in 2017 when Ben and Polly Sage purchased the beautiful 120-acre property in Chardon.

Lots of hard work, (and landscaping), resulted in a great place for families and couples to come pick their own fruits, and host their weddings and events.

Our name came from Ransom Alden Sage, who, in 1867, began the farm we now know as Sage’s Apples.

Our farm is only open seasonally, beginning with pick your own raspberries and blueberries in early July.

After that come apple varieties like Honeycrisp and Rosalee, followed by pick your own pumpkins in October.

We also have a small market stocked with snacks and specialty sodas for you to enjoy during your visit.

We have also turned several spots into wonderful places to hold your wedding ceremony and reception.

Up to 300+ guests can enjoy your big day while taking in the beautiful landscape of the orchard and fields around them.

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  • Apples
  • Blueberry
  • Pumpkins
  • Raspberry

Open Season: July, August, September, October.


Driving Directions