Koch Family Farms

Sam and Ruby Koch started farming in St. Paul, Oregon in 1928.

The Koch children all attended the Raybell grade school which was right next door to their home.

In 1938 Sam decided to move the family to Tualatin since the Willamette river flooded the farm in St. Paul, every year.

Sam and Ruby purchased a farm in Tualatin, Oregon and started farming at the new location.

That farm on Tualatin-Sherwood Road evolved over the years from a diverse small family farm, to a grade A dairy, to a large farm growing field crops, renting farm ground all over Tualatin and Wilsonville, to a u-pick farm in the late 1990’s growing berries, vegetables, pumpkins and some hay.

In 2008 the family faced facts as the city was surrounding them and they choose to moved the farm.

Looking for a new farm was a challenge but once again the Koch family found themselves in St. Paul, Oregon.

A new farm was found and purchased on Ray Bell Road just a mile from where Sam and Ruby first started farming in 1928.

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  • Pumpkins
  • Raspberry
  • Strawberry

Open Season: June, July, September, October.


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