West Union Gardens

We are Cheryl and Jeff Boden, and we began farming at West Union in 1987.

We enjoy the help of our children and extended family.

We take pride in the skilled work of our crew, who hand-harvest the food that you and I eat and enjoy.

We are committed to making our farm a good place to work, and we are pleased that several of our employees have worked for us for two decades.

We count ourselves among a special group of small family farms, whose owners live where they work, and take care of where they live.

We have cared for this place since 1987, with the goals of improving the land, providing fair employment, and producing clean, quality produce. Looking back over the years, we are able to say that we have bettered the health of our soil and used our water resources responsibly.

We’ve employed some very fine people, many of whom have worked alongside us for years.

And through cultural practices, we have been able to minimize the use of chemicals, so that our family can enjoy — and offer you — food that is safe, healthy & delicious.


  • Blackberry
  • Raspberry

Open Season: July.


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