Peach Picking In Williams County, Ohio

Are you looking for u-pick farms that offer peaches in Williams County Ohio?

Keep in mind that most u-pick farms will offer more than just peaches. They may also offer other fruits and vegetables. We found that many u-pick farms will have a small stand where they will sell pre-picked produce or items that they have brought in from other nearby farms.

For those who are in a hurry and want the freshest produce, pre-picked is a great option. The cost is usually a little more than if you were to pick the produce yourself. Not all u-pick farms will offer pre-picked, but many do offer this option.

Farms in Williams County Ohio may work with other farms in other counties to help sell their produce. When you get to the farm you can ask them how they source their produce.

Organically grown produce is a growing trend. People are searching out u-pick produce farms that grow organic fruits and vegetables.

If a farm grows organic produce, they will be listed on our website as an organic farm. You will also be able to see their badge on their website or on their listing here.

Below will be a list of farms that we have available in Williams County Ohio where you can pick peaches.

Click on the farm page and view their information. Most farm information will include their open seasons, produce they have available as well as how to contact them. Most farms will want you to message them on social media or give them a call before you head out to their farm.

A map will also be included to help you get directions and determine how long of a drive it is to their farm.

Local Farm Locations

If for some reason the farm is closed, you can always find other u-pick peach farms in a nearby county. Just go back to the Ohio page and find another county with additional farms.

Tips For Choosing A Peach Farm In Williams County Ohio

Some farms may be closed for the season or have recently gone out of business. We work hard to list all of the available u-pick farms in Williams County, but some may have recently closed or are not opening for the season.

We found that some u-pick farms will also take a year off to allow their trees or bushes to rest and will open the following year.

Make sure you always contact the u-pick farm to confirm their open times as well as their current availability, as some farms will sell out quickly and may close sooner than expected.

Believe it or not, weather is a big factor on when peaches may be available to pick in Williams County Ohio.

Click on the farm listing above that you are interested in. Read about that farm and finally check out their social media accounts, if they have any.

Many u-pick farms will have at least a Facebook page where they announce their seasons, when they are open and if you should contact them before driving to their location.

You will notice that many farms will make announcements leading up to their opening date because their produce will ripen on different dates each year. Most of the time there is a small range in dates that are reliable on when peaches ripen each year in Williams County Ohio.

Contact The U-Pick Peach Farm In Williams County Before Leaving

If the farm has a website or social media page, check to make sure they are open before leaving your home. It’s no use driving out to a farm, just to find out that they are not open or have delayed their opening date.

You will also want to make sure if tickets are required before coming out. Many u-pick farms are starting to require pre-purchased tickets or scheduled picking times. This also depends on the size of the farm and where they are located.

Depending on the farm you choose, you may have to bring your own containers. Many u-pick farms will offer containers, making it easy to go out and pick as many peaches as you want, but then you have to put the produce into plastic bags to take home.

We found that most farms will charge you by the pound, but a few that we have been to will charge you by the container. Charging by the container is not a common practice.

Be sure to bring cash as we found that many farms will only accept cash. If the farm has a small market you may want to also buy some goodies to take home.

It’s always great to visit new u-pick peach farms, to create memories for the family as well as finding different places to get fresh produce, whether it is in Williams County or another county nearby.

If you want to find another u-pick farm, simply go to our Find A Farm page and start looking at the many different produce options and locations we have listed.

We have listed all 50 states and have broken down our maps to show all county locations within each state. This will help give you a visual idea of where u-pick farms are located near you or near Williamsa County Ohio.

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