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We are excited to announce that has acquired in our effort to reach a wider audience.

U-Pick Farms USA was created to help people all across the United State to find a local farm in their area. We believe that helping people find farmers to pick fresh produce can help not only support farmers but also help end hunger in small towns.

Farms are a huge part of our food chain and while big box retailers have big farms to support their stores, the little guys who grow farm fresh produce are left to find support from their small communities.

Primrose Farm Park was a website that offered the same services we are looking to promote. A family friendly place for locals to go to find farm fresh produce as well as to teach the younger generation about the importance of farmers, especially those who offer u-pick.

In order to reach an audience across the USA, we believe we need to first reach the smaller communities where people are looking for farms or place they can go to pick their own fruits and vegetables. With the help of Primrose Farm Park we hope to teach what life is like on an actual working farm – what does it take to grow your own food and provide a service that your community needs and desires.

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