Arrowhead Acres Blueberry Farm

We will be open for pick-your-own and already picked berries during the months of June – July.

Arrowhead Acres is a small pick your own blueberry farm located in upstate SC just off Highway 414 in the beautiful foothills of Travelers Rest, at 37 Bates Bridge Rd.

The farm is family owned and operated since 1980.

The family home is located at the top of hill overlooking the berry patch, with a shed beside the berry hill for paying for berries and purchasing ready picked berries and cold drinks.

Our berries are organically grown with no sprays or chemicals on the foliage or fruit.

The sunny southern hillside provides sunlight from dawn until dark, giving us berries that are considered some of the sweetest in the upstate.

We open for picking at first light, and allow picking until 7:30pm during the blueberry season, which begins late June or early July and lasts for up to 6 weeks.

Customers are encouraged to call ahead for berry picking conditions, and also for ordering ready-picked berries. We work to make the picking experience pleasant with clean, weed-free plants and neatly mowed rows.

Our customers often make family traditions and fun memories by bringing the whole family year after year. There’s nothing better than fresh picked berries!


  • Blueberry

Open Season: June, July.


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