Omi’s Blackberry Farm

​Omi’s Blackberry Farm has 3 acres of blackberries for you to pick.

This farm has been in Omi’s family for over 70 years.

Before it was a blackberry farm it was used to grow crops like corn and cotton and eventually became a cattle ranch.

When the farm passed to Omi, she and Opi decided to try something different. They wanted to grow berries.

First they started with aronia berries, but when those didn’t flourish, Omi and Opi switched to blackberries.

They tried out 9 different varieties to see which would work best in the soil, took the best producers, and began building the farm you see today.

But if you’re feeling nostalgic, you can still pick berries in the “Original 54” where it all began.


  • Blackberry

Open Season: April, May, June.


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