Sweet Berry Farm

Sweet Berry Farm is located in Marble Falls Texas.

Strawberry Fields are usually open March thru May. No admission or parking fee, simply pay for the fruit you pick or the activities you wish to participate in.

Our picking boxes each hold up to 8 pounds of berries. The first visit, your boxes will be 75 cents each, after that, you can bring your box back to the farm again and again at no charge (except your berries of course). We have to charge for the picking box which can last you a full season.

There is no minimum or maximum amount of fruit you have to pick, but you will be responsible for what you do pick (purchase your berries before eating them at the picnic tables please).

The picnic tables are free for use, no admission (for strawberry picking) or parking charge. You don’t really have to buy anything, just come on out and enjoy the experience (you probably want to at least get a Strawberry Popsicle – they are awesome!)


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Open Season: March, April, May.


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