Atkinson Farms

Hi, I’m Mike Atkinson, along with my wife Theresa, and my son Bobby.

This is a 4th generation farm, with my grandfather having started farming in Harris County.

My father and grandfather farmed through the 50s’ while also running a grocery store on the north side of Houston, and in 1953 I came along.

In 1961 my grandfather purchased the farm my son and I farm own today.

Presently today we farm about 100 acres of vegetables.

We have two box trucks for RB Schoemann, 19 tractors, over 100 pieces of equipment, and 8 full time workers at about 60-70 hours per week.

We grow a variety of over 60 different vegetables year round, dependant on what is in service.


  • Strawberry

Open Season: March, April.


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