Rowley’s Red Barn

Established in 1984, Rowley’s South Ridge Farms is a family owned and operated fruit farm that takes great pride in growing excellent fruit and in making delicious fruit products.

Over the years, as demand for their products grew, the farm has expanded in acreage and into new endeavors.

In the late 1990s, South Ridge Farms built a Rowley’s Red Barn, a retail store that gives customers a direct way to access the farm’s fresh fruit and products

A few years after the Barn was built, the Rowley’s organized construction of a cider mill to make fresh-pressed apple juice, and a chocolate panning facility to cover our dried fruits and nuts with chocolate.

Rowley’s South Ridge Farms continues to look for new, innovative ways to give our customers a delicious, local outlet to get fresh fruit and fruit products.


  • Apples

Open Season: September, October.


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