F.T. Valley Farm

The family always wanted to have their own piece of property out in Virginia’s countryside.

In 2008, that dream became reality when they purchased a parcel of land in Nethers, just over Browns Mountain from the orchard.

They started with a small herd, and eventually got into the grass-fed beef business.

Eight years later, they acquired Mont Medi, “The Kilby Farm” and Algis had visions of restoring the land to a working farm, thriving with hearty trees bearing abundant fruit.

He is now living that dream, and Kathy and their children are supporting every bit of it.

With the help of Operations Manager Allan Clark, F. T. Valley Farm has over 10,000 apple and peach trees along with approximately 100 head of cattle.


  • Apples
  • Peaches

Open Season: August, September, October, November.


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