Liebig Berries

Liebig Berries was started by Phil and Iva Liebig, who married in 1964 with seven children between them.

The same year, the newly blended family purchased one acre of land across Route 22 from their Granville, New York home.

With help from their brood, Phil and Iva planted and cared for their first acre of strawberries in 1965, and began selling berries in 1966.

Visiting the farm to pick berries has become a tradition for many families in eastern New York, western Vermont, and beyond.

According to Iva, “The best advertisement is word of mouth. We have a lot of folks who come every year. Picking blueberries is a great activity that parents and children can do together. They pick them and put them right in the basket and they know they are fresh when they get home.”


  • Blueberry

Open Season: July, August.


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