Hyline Orchard Farm Market

We are a family owned Business that has been in the same location sence 1958.

We are located 2 miles north of down town Egg Harbor WI where our business started out as a road side stand.

All of our canned products like jams, jellies, pie filling, canned fruit, salsa’s, honey, fruit sauces, canned cherries are all made on premise.

We also have cherry juice, cherry cider, honey crisp cider, cherry apple cider, peachy apple and apple cranberry and have frozen cherries that are processed in our cherry plant in the building next to our store.

During cherry season we offer pick your own tart cherries and some pick your own sweet cherries and during apple season we offer pick your own apples also.

We have homemade pie`s like cherry ,cherry raspberry, Honey crisp apple, pumpkin.

In the spring we collect sap and boil it down to make maple syrup and we also offer a bourbon barrel aged maple syrup that ages for at least 1 year.


  • Apples
  • Cherry
  • Raspberry

Open Season: July, August, September, October.


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