15 Of The Best Christmas Tree Farms In Georgia

Fill your home with the natural scent of the season by visiting these choose and cut Christmas tree farms in Georgia. These farms offer a wide variety of Christmas trees from Pines and Cedars that give fresh, crisp aromas, to beautiful, Blue Ice varieties known for their rich color.

This year, Christmas trees are in short supply and some of the farms below may not have enough stock so make sure to plan ahead and visit early to get the best pick. Some farms also offer you the option of tagging a tree and picking it up at a later date when you are ready to start putting up decorations.

If this is your first time cutting your own Christmas tree, many of the farms offer saws and help you net or bale your tree before loading it onto your car. This makes the process easy for you and ensures your tree arrives home safely.

When you have found a Christmas tree farm you would like to visit, we recommend calling ahead to find out whether they have enough trees, the activities available, and their hours. If you are looking for a special experience, some of the farms such as the Berry Tree Farm offer a Christmas movie night, with free admission and other goodies.

Find Christmas Tree Farms In Georgia To Cut Your Own Tree

The Old Barn Christmas Tree Farm

The Old Barn Christmas Tree Farm

Since 1999, this family-owned farm has welcomed families from far and wide to choose and cut their own Christmas trees. The farm offers a wide selection of trees that you can cut as a family as well as fresh-cut Fraser Firs that are a convenient option if you have a busy schedule.

Whether it is your first time visiting or you are a returning friend, you will enjoy a leisurely stroll around the nature trail and enjoy the farm experience. The Old Barn also features other Holiday decor items such as wreaths, garland, and ornaments.

You can also visit The Shoppe at the farm where you can shop for gifts to bring cheer to friends and family. The team at the Old Barn looks forward to seeing you this Holiday season and are happy to help you tie and load your Christmas tree.

If you visit on a weekend, there is plenty of hot chocolate, boiled peanuts, baked goods, and other delicious treats. Trees are priced at $7.50 per foot and range from 3 to 9 feet.

Cooper’s Tree Farm Georgia

This choose-and-cut tree farm in Braselton is a family favorite for many in Georgia and neighboring areas. It offers a beautiful selection of Leyland Cypress, Carolina Sapphires, and good old Fraser Fir.

There is also plenty of greenery to decorate your home including wreaths, garland, and other decor items. If you do not need a tree, make a day of it with your family and visit the farm to take pictures with Santa and enjoy hayrides around the farm as you take in the beautiful views.

Cooper’s Tree Farm also offers you plenty of photo ops throughout the farm that are perfect for making new Christmas memories.

  • Address: 5577 Winder Hwy Braselton GA 30517
  • Phone: (678) 828-8786
  • Email: jkcooperfarms@gmail.com
  • Social Media: Facebook
  • Hours: Daily 10 am – 7 pm

Bottoms Christmas Tree Farm

Bottoms Tree Farm In Georgia

If you have got the saw power, Bottoms Christmas Tree Farm has the saws. This choose-and-cut tree farm in Cumming Georgia offers you a selection of over 5,000 trees. These include Leyland cypress, Virginia Pine, Carolina Sapphire, White Pine, Deodar Cedar, and Fraser Firs sourced from North Carolina that range from 5’ to 12’.

Dennis and Sandra, the founders have planted Christmas trees since 1993, and have quickly become a local favorite. They feature plenty of Christmas activities and this year, the farm is also pleased to welcome you and your family to take pictures with Santa at the farm at no cost.

Bottoms Tree Farm is one of the oldest choose and cut Christmas tree farms in Forsyth County and works hard to maintain its reputation for quality trees. Each year, they carefully maintain their trees and prune them carefully to ensure that you and your family can have a beautiful holiday centerpiece.

Some attractions to look forward to during your visit include hayrides, hot chocolate, s’mores, and plenty of farm animals that look forward to meeting new and old guests. There are also plenty of jams and jellies, Christmas crafts, tree stands, and handmade wreaths.

  • Address: 5880 John Burruss Road Cumming GA 30040
  • Phone: (706) 429-3173
  • Email: bottomstreefarm@gmail.com
  • Website: bottomstreefarm.com
  • Social Media: Facebook | Instagram
  • Hours: Mon – Thurs 3 pm – 6 pm

Thompson’s Christmas Tree Farm

Thompson’s choose and cut tree farm has been a part of tradition for many families in Georgia. The farm in Lawrenceville offers you high-quality Christmas trees and the opportunity to create a lifetime of memories for you and your family.

Choose from Leyland Cypress, Blue Ice, Murray Cypress, Carolina Sapphire, or Green Giant and fresh Fraser Fir. You can also buy Pine garland, wreaths, and other holiday goodies that inspire the Christmas spirit.

The farm offers complimentary coffee or hot chocolate to all its visitors and helps you cut down the tree you have chosen. The farm grows all its trees and no trees are cut until they have been picked which helps preserve more trees and prevent shortages.

Thompson prefers visitors by appointment to help manage crowds and help you have a better experience at the farm. Get in touch with the friendly team at this farm to book your slot.

  • Address: 1829 Prospect Rd Lawrenceville GA 30043
  • Phone: (770) 513-2552
  • Email: yihlee@thompsonstreefarm.com
  • Website: thompsonstreefarm.com
  • Social Media: Facebook | Instagram
  • Hours: Weekdays 11 am – 5:30 pm
    • Weekends 9 am – 5:30 pm

Berry’s Tree Farm

Berry's Tree Farm In Georgia

There is nothing like the scent of a fresh-cut Christmas tree and Berry’s Farm features over 5,000 Fraser Firs for you to choose and cut. The farm welcomes you and your family to participate in their Christmas festivities as you choose the perfect tree.

This year, photographers are welcome to take professional photos of you and your family. The farm also has plenty of activities including pictures with Santa, a petting zoo, train rides, field trips, Santa’s workshop with jams, jellies, and Christmas crafts, as well as freshly made wreaths and Christmas decor.

Berry’s Tree Farm will also host a movie night for the whole family where you can enjoy a Christmas classic and plenty of delicious treats at the concession stand. Entry is free.

  • Address: 70 Mt Tabor Rd Covington GA 30014
  • Phone: (770) 786-5833
  • Email: berrystreefarm@gmail.com
  • Website: berrystreefarm.com
  • Social Media: Facebook | Instagram
  • Hours: Open Daily till Christmas 11 am – 5 pm

Yuletide Christmas Tree Farm

Yuletide Christmas Tree Farm in Convington Georgia

The Yuletide Christmas Tree has seen many young kids grow over the years as their families come back each Christmas season to choose and cut a special tree. If you have not visited this farm, the team would love to meet you and your family and help you make lifetime memories.

In addition to picking the perfect Christmas tree, you and your family can also enjoy Santa’s visits and take plenty of photos, a petting farm, and marshmallow roasts at this farm. There will also be plenty of jolly Christmas music to help you get into the holiday spirit.

Yuletide also offers handmade items including wreaths and other crafts at the Country Store. Visit the farm to explore the Trail of Christmas Lights and enjoy fantastic views. Although there is a national Fraser Fir shortage, Yuletide Farm has a limited number available for purchase, so visit as early as you can to get the best pick. No tree sales are made after dark for your safety.

  • Address: 1175 Penland Road Covington GA 30014
  • Phone:​ (678) 456-2128
  • Website: yuletidechristmastreefarm.com
  • Social Media: Facebook
  • Hours: Monday – Friday 3:30 pm – 6 pm
    • Saturday 10 – 8 pm
    • Sunday 1 pm – 6 pm

Barnard And Thompson Tree Farm

Bernard Thompson Christmas Tree Farms In Georgia

Matt, Kelly and their four children started this Christmas tree farm in 2017. Within a year, their nursery would accommodate over 600 trees including Murray Cypress, Leyland Cypress, Carolina Sapphire, Blue Ice Cypress, and Green Giants.

Each year, hundreds of families flock to the tree farm to choose and cut the perfect tree for the holidays and enjoy the Christmas festivities. This year, the farm will host its third annual Christmas in The Trees event with live performances by local bands, baked goods, arts and crafts, and plenty of delicious food.

You and your family can also take plenty of photos around the farm. Entrance to the event is only $3 per person and free for children under 10. Christmas trees, wreaths, and garland are priced according to size.

  • Address: 6476 GA Highway 215 North Pitts GA 31072
  • Phone: (229) 425-3171
  • Email: Mattbarnard18@hotmail.com
  • Website: barnardthompsonfarms.com
  • Social Media: Facebook
  • Hours: 9 am – 5 pm

Hunter’s Christmas Tree Farm

Hunters Christmas Tree Farm In Georgia

Hunter’s Christmas Tree Farm offers Fraser Firs and Leyland Cypress varieties. You are invited to arrive early to get the best selection and beat the current ongoing shortage. The farm also offers complimentary hot chocolate as you search for the perfect tree.

This season, you can also get wreaths, Fraser Fir and White Pine garland, tree stands, and a variety of Christmas crafts and supplies. You can also enjoy complimentary hay rides around the farm and pony rides.

Santa will also be around, so have the kid’s wish list ready and bring your camera to take the memories home. There are also plenty of souvenirs available including soft Tri-blend t-shirts. With over 30 years of experience in helping families uphold their family traditions, you are in for a treat at Hunter’s Christmas Tree Farm.

Trees are priced according to size and range from 6 to 7.5 feet.

  • Address: 14680 Wood Road Milton GA 30004
  • Phone: (770) 475-0713
  • Website: hunterschristmastreefarm.com
  • Social Media: Facebook
  • Hours: Monday and Friday 4 pm – 6 pm
    • Saturday 9 am – 6 pm

Christmas Carrol Tree Farm

Christmas Tree Farm Carroll Georgia

Christmas Carrol Tree Farm has two locations both in Lafayette to help you find the perfect tree more conveniently. This farm offers pre-cut Fir as well as choose-and-cut options such as Carolina Sapphire and Murray Cypress.

The farm’s 1st location on Highway 95 offers mainly pre-cut options and the second on Center Grove Road is perfect for you if you want to cut your own tree. The farm will provide saws and you will also be allowed to tag a tree and cut it at a later date.

There are also plenty of wreaths made from fresh greenery. You have a choice of decorated wreaths that come with bows, and other decorations starting from $30. There are also swags available starting from $15. The wreaths can also be customized to your liking.

You can also buy a variety of accessories including watering funnels and tree stands from the farm. Get in touch with the farm to make inquiries about their tree prices.

  • Address: 7206 Hwy 95 LaFayette GA 30728
  • Phone: (706) 638-5785
  • Email: treefarminfo@gmail.com
  • Website: christmascarrolltreefarm.com
  • Hours: Sunday to Friday 1 pm – 6 pm
    • Saturday 10 am – 6 pm

Sleepy Hollow Farm

Sleepy Hollow Farm In Georgia

This year, you and your family can enjoy Sleepy Hollow Farm where there are plenty of fun outdoor activities as you choose and cut a Christmas tree. The year-round farm offers something each season and this season there are plenty of holiday goodies available.

The Christmas tree farm features fresh pre-cut Fraser Firs starting from $12 – $15 depending on the size. If you would like to cut your own tree, the farm will offer a saw at the entrance. Some trees are tagged with their owners coming back for them at a later date. However, you will still have plenty to choose from including Leyland Cypress, Virginia Pines, and Carolina Sapphires.

Sleepy Hollow Farm also offers fresh wreaths starting from $35 – $50. You will also be charged an admission fee to the farm if you are not buying a tree. Get in touch with the farm to find out which activities are open and their charges.

You can also make a reservation to tour the cabin where the television series named after the farm was shot.

Randy’s Christmas Tree Farm

Randys Christmas Tree Farm In Georgia

This farm in Lawrenceville is open every day of the week allowing you and your family enough time to visit and find the perfect tree. The farm has been a part of family tradition for many residents in the area and it continues to work hard to uphold its values.

Randy’s Christmas Tree Farm offers Frasier Firs starting from 5 to 12 feet and ranging from $68 – $384. The farm has limited activities available this holiday season, however, you may be able to take photos. Pets are not allowed for the safety of the guests.

  • Address: 1460 Lawrenceville Hwy Lawrenceville GA 30044
  • Phone: (770) 822-0676
  • Email: info@randysnursery.com
  • Website: randyschristmastrees.com
  • Social Media: Facebook
  • Hours: Monday-Friday 4 pm – 9 pm
    • Saturday-Sunday 11 am – 9 pm

Kittle Christmas Tree Farm

Kittle Christmas Tree Farm In Georgia

Kittle Christmas Tree Farm welcomes you to stroll through their expansive fields filled with White Pine, Leyland Cypress, and Carolina Sapphire Trees. The farm also provides saws for you to cut down the tree once you find the perfect fit for your home.

The farm also has plenty of treats and photo opportunities throughout the farm. You can purchase wreaths, garland, Christmas crafts, and souvenirs from the Kittle Farm. This farm also provides delicious treats that you can enjoy.

Santa will also be visiting this season, so be sure to check their pages for dates and visit for photos.

  • Address: 949 Salem Valley Rd Ringgold GA 30736
  • Phone: (423) 326-7589
  • Email: kittlefarm@yahoo.com
  • Social Media: Facebook
  • Hours: Monday to Sunday 10 am – 5 pm

Hubbard Christmas Tree Farm

Hubbard Christmas Tree Farm In Georgia
Photo by – Hubbard Christmas Tree Farm

This farm has been in operation since 1985. The choose and cut farm started its operations to help families in the area uphold traditional Christmas values such as spending time with family. At Hubbard Christmas Tree Farm, you can enjoy family picnics, visits with Santa each Saturday, enjoy hiking trails, and even visit Santa’s Shoppe for family gifts and souvenirs.

Hubbard offers a wide selection of Christmas trees including Virginia Pine, Fraser Fir, Blue Ice, Leyland Cypress, Blue Sapphire, and Murray Cypress. The trees start from 4 ft and can go up to 20 ft tall so get in touch with the farm if you need a tall tree for a special event this Christmas.

You can choose and cut your own trees, however, the farm also offers pre-cut North Carolina Fraser Firs. There are plenty of activities to participate in at the farm including hay rides, and group field trips.

  • Address: 495 Hubbard Ln Thomasville GA 31757
  • Phone: (229) 226-5376 | (229) 221-2738
  • Email: jackiehubbard54@gmail.com
  • Website: hubbardchristmastreefarm.com
  • Social Media: Facebook
  • Hours: Daily 9 am – 6 pm

Southern Christmas Tree Farms

Southern Christmas Tree Farms In Georgia
Photo – Southern Christmas Tree Farms

Featured in the Southern Living Magazine, this tree farm is known for its scenic views. The farm has been in operation for over 60 years and is a firm believer in upholding traditional family values such as making memories with friends and family during Christmas.

The farm is the perfect place to take Christmas pictures for your family and create memories that will last a lifetime. It is also famous for its delicious hot chocolate, cookies, and s’more so you are in for a treat once you have the perfect tree.

If you already have a tree, you can visit to see the beautiful selection of trees and enjoy the sights at one of the oldest and most famous Christmas Tree Farms in the South. The farm is also known for its great pricing so you will get value for your money too.

  • Address: 3455 Pateville Rd Cordele GA 31015
  • Phone: (229) 938-4049
  • Email: sctfarms@gmail.com
  • Social Media: Facebook
  • Hours: Monday to Sunday 3:30 pm – 6 pm

Webster’s Christmas Tree Farm

Websters Christmas Tree Farm In Georgia

If you are visiting the East Coast, make Webster’s Christmas Tree Farm one of your holiday destinations this year. This farm offers a wide variety of Christmas trees including Red Cedar, Virginia Pine, Murray Cypress, Fraser Fir, and Carolina Sapphire.

The farm also stocks fresh wreaths and garlands at the gift shop as well as gifts for family and friends and Christmas decor. Once you have found the perfect tree, the team at the farm will help you shake it, net it, and bail it for safe arrival to your home.

  • Address: 1394 Webster’s Christmas Tree Farm Road SE Darien GA 31305
  • Contact: (912) 266-4546
  • Website: websterschristmastreefarm.com
  • Social Media: Instagram
  • Hours: Weekdays 3 pm – dusk
    • Saturday 10 am – dusk
    • Sunday 1 pm – dusk

Visit The Best Christmas Tree Farms In Georgia Near You

As you plan to visit these Christmas tree farms in Georgia here are some tips to help you choose the perfect pick and ensure it lasts throughout the season.

While some trees such as the Balsam Fir are not known to shed as much as other varieties, some, such as the Fraser Fir, will stay fresher for longer. Consider the most available type of tree and choose one that will serve you throughout the season.

Once you find a tree, immediately put its base in freshwater. This ensures it does not form a sap seal which prevents water intake. Keep checking and do not let your tree run out of water as it can take up to 65% of the water in 5-7 days.

The most important tip to remember is not to keep your tree near a heat source such as a fireplace, or bright sunny windows.

Remember, it is never too early to start planning for Christmas and we hope you find the perfect tree to make the holidays special.

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