Strawberry Picking In Texas: 11 Best Farms To Go Picking

A big tradition for our family and maybe your family is strawberry picking. Each year our kids love going out and picking fresh strawberries. While we live and pick strawberries in North Carolina, we also have friends who live in Katy Texas who have helped us create this list of strawberry picking farms in Texas to visit. If you live in Texas and you never considered strawberry picking, you are seriously missing out!

There’s little to nothing that can compare with the joy of picking up fresh fruit with your family on a farm.

Not only does the charm of making fresh jams, pies, or ice cream sound amazing, but so does knowing the people who grow these strawberries.

Strawberry Picking In Texas - Farms To Pick Strawberries

When Is Strawberry Picking Season In Texas

Due to the hot weather in Texas, strawberries thrive in many parts of the state. Here, people usually go strawberry picking in spring, starting as early as February and ending in late May or early June.

Once it gets too hot, strawberry plants stop producing. That’s why the picking season ends much earlier in Texas than in other states who have different climates.

Overall, the climate in Texas is considered to be one that is very welcoming and preferable for growing strawberries.

So much so that Texas has annual events and festivals around strawberry picking.

For example, the Poteet Strawberry festival, which is in April each year, has many farm owners offering freshly picked strawberries.

This is also the opportunity to pick up some homemade jams, jellies and other similar homemade products.

13 Of The Best Strawberry Picking Farms In Texas

Below is our list of strawberry picking farms in Texas, where you should consider taking a trip for their strawberries.

Sweet Berry Farm

Sweet Berry Farm is located in Marble Falls, Texas. Whether you are planning to take your kids on a field trip or go strawberry picking yourself, we’ll tell you why this is definitely a place to be.

You can visit their strawberry fields every year from March to May. There are no admission or parking fees, so you just pay for the activities that you want to participate in.

Sweet Berry Farm is open from 9-5 on Fridays, Saturdays, and Sundays.

For strawberry picking, each picking box is 75 cents. This is only for your first visit, as you’ll be allowed to bring the same boxes the next time around.

When you finish picking, you only pay for the strawberries, which are $3.25 per pound. You can also enjoy eating them on the picnic tables at the farm.

  • Address: 1801 FM 1980 Marble Falls TX 78654
  • Phone: (830) 798-1462
  • Email: 
  • Website:
  • Social Media: Facebook

Froberg’s Farm

Family picking strawberries at Frobergs Strawberry Farm In Alvin City Texas
Family Picking Strawberries At Froberg’s Strawberry Farm In Alvin City Texas

Froberg’s Farm is a family-owned farm with a long and interesting history. Located in Alvin (Texas), what is now known as Froberg’s Farm started as a part of the family-owned business back in the 1960s.

Over the years, this farm expanded and welcomed even more varieties of fruits and vegetables. That’s when owners of the Froberg’s Farm started selling pies in their own winter store.

Starting from 2006, Froberg’s Farm has been open to the public for strawberry picking. 

The Froberg’s Farm organizes the Pick Your Own strawberries events, which last from January to mid-May each year.

They offer reusable buckets, that can be bought for $1.50 before picking. For this farm, there is an entrance fee of $2 for ages two and up.

There are some other rules that you should read on before visiting this farm. One of those rules is that children 12 or under have to be with adults at all times.

Strawberries at Froberg’s Farm are $3.25 per pound. This price is paid after you finish picking and before eating.

Froberg’s Farm also organizes occasional exciting events. Emoji canon really stood out to us – this is an event with shooting emoji targets with tennis balls.

Jollisant Farm

A beautiful Jollisant Farm that even has blogs dedicated to its tasty strawberries is located in Plantersville, Texas.

Strawberries from this farm are 100% fresh and organic – unlike many other farms, this one doesn’t use any pesticides whatsoever.

Another advantage of this farm is that they have strawberries available almost all year round. When it comes to strawberry picking, it’s organized each year from February to June.

Also, make sure to read other advice and warnings before scheduling a strawberry picking at this farm. For example, putting on sunscreen and a hat upon arriving is vital because of the harsh Texas sun. However, smoking, bringing alcohol, or even pets are all highly prohibited.

The King’s Good Vineyard and Berry Farm

Owned by two brothers, Will and Jacob Morath, The King’s Good Vineyard and Berry Farm is located in Wichita Falls, Texas.

There are so many interesting things about this farm. Together, these brothers have planted 1 acre of strawberry plants, along with 5.5 acres of muscadine grapevines and 3 acres of blackberry plants.

Their strawberry picking is available from April to June each year and are $5 per pound.

Other than that, they organize many other fun events at their farm. Some of those are Live Music Nights and even Movie Nights on the farm!

You can organize a complete day of fun by going strawberry picking and staying on the farm to attend some of these events. Just keep an eye on their events page.

The King’s Good Vineyard farm also offers a family membership of $27.71. With this membership, you’ll get $1 off per pound of all strawberries you pick for the season.

Another bonus of this member ship is you will also get a shirt and a few other surprises offers throughout the year.

And as if it couldn’t get any cooler than that, this farm has its own Cafe/Market! This is where you can shop and eat homemade jelly, syrup, jams, and homemade honey.

Storm Farms

The Storm Farms is another family-owned business located in Arlington Texas. It was founded with a mission to become a place where you can take your family and pick up some fresh produce.

The owners describe Storm Farm as one of a kind attraction in the Arlington/Dalworthington area.

The strawberry picking season on this farm is open from mid-March until the end of May.

Storm Farm recommends wearing closed-toe shoes, because the ground can get muddy while you pick your produce. Also, it’s recommended to wear sunscreen and bring something to drink due to the hot weather in Texas.

After you pick your strawberries, Storm Farms will charge you $8 per pound. The owners will also provide you with baskets for picking.

You may also have an opportunity to meet the owner – Johanna Storm. She has a huge passion for educating others about farming, so you may as well have a fun educational experience.

  • Address: 3010 South Bowen Road Arlington TX 76013
  • Phone: (817) 602-0668
  • Website:
  • Social Media: Facebook | Twitter

Good Earth Organic Farm

Good Earth Organic Farm is located in Celeste Texas. It was founded back in 1984 when they started recovering the soil that was previously full of toxins due to the chemicals used by the previous owners to grow their crops.

Now, the soil on which this farm grows its produce is certified, fresh, and beautifully smelling soil.

Good Earth Organic Farm even raises lamb on its property, and it does so in humane and healthy conditions.

The owners of this farm are very careful about not harming the ecosystem, so their livestock and plants are not treated with any pesticides or toxins.

They say “You have to feed the soil to feed the plants”, and as lovers of 100% organic food, we couldn’t agree more.

The picking dates are available from April to June on this farm. When you are ready to plan your strawberry picking, first go to their page to book your time online. 

You will need to buy a basket for every two people. After you make the payment online, your next step is to show up on the scheduled picking date. This is when you will also pick up the baskets from the entrance.

Pecan Creek Strawberry Farm

Pecan Creek Strawberry Farm is a farm located in Pilot Point Texas. As the name of the farm says, this farm is dedicated to growing only strawberries.

The owners of this farm are a couple named Chris Demases and Kylie Demases. They started this farm with a mission to continue the tradition of their own farming families.

Although this couple does practice many organic growing methods, they do disclose that their strawberry farm isn’t fully organic.

They do use pesticides in order to fight off pest problems, but they do try solving these problems organically first.

They sell strawberries $7 per pound, with a picking baskets that costs $4 to purchase. Picking baskets are sold only once, as you can bring them again on your next visit.

The entrance to the Pecan Creek strawberry farm is completely free.

Jenschke Orchards

Jenschke Orchards located in Fredericksburg Texas is another family owned farm. It was founded back in the 1960s and started as a peach farm.

Since then, Jenschke Orchard has become increasingly popular for Pick-Your-Own fruit visits.

Primarily, this farm grows peaches, about 30 different varieties of them! However, they also grow strawberries, blueberries, pumpkins, and Christmas trees.

They also sell some homemade goods, such as ice cream, honey, syrups, and similar. If you visit their shop, you will also find candles, T-shirts, and even books on farming! If you have kids like we do, this might be a good educational place to visit.

When it comes to strawberry picking, they disclosed the harvest dates on their website, and it’s from February to May each year. 

They offer both Pick-Your-Own experiences, as well as fresh produce in their store.

Kosub Farm Strawberries

Kosub Farm Strawberries is a family-owned farm that has been existing for over 150 years. Located in Poteet (Texas), this farm offers not only a strawberry-picking experience but so much more.

If you decide to visit Kosub Farms, you will also have the chance to use the children’s play area and picnic tables.

This farm has great reviews and offers an experience for the whole family, all while picking strawberries.

At Kosub Farms, you can either pick your own fresh strawberries or buy the ones picked for you that are equally as fresh.

To complete the experience, Kosub Farm Strawberries owners offer a selection of drinks and their own homemade products in their store for you to purchase.

KH Farm

KH Farm is another farm located in Poteet, Texas. This farm has a long story starting from 1945 when the owner’s father bought the land with a mission to raise a farm on it. 

What started from cut flowers, a few cattle, and vegetables soon became the largest strawberry grower in Poteet!

The KH Farm is now open for strawberry picking, mostly on Saturdays during the strawberry season in Texas. The owners of this farm recommend calling to check for availability before you decide to visit.

They do disclose that most of their visitors that come for strawberry picking do so mostly from March through May each year.

Apart from strawberry picking, KH Farm also offers a variety of homemade products, such as strawberry jams and jellies.

  • Address: 200 West Tank Hollow Road Poteet TX 78065
  • Phone: (830) 570-3090
  • Email: 
  • Website:
  • Social Media: Facebook | Instagram

Blessington Farms

Blessington Farms is located in Wallis Texas.

Before you decide to visit this farm, you should check their hours and admission page, as their open hours vary by season. As usual, it’s always recommended to call the farm to ask for availability.

The Blessington Farm is unique, as it offers a lot of different activities apart from strawberry picking.

You can also pick blueberries or other berries on their farm. In autumn, they also have a pumpkin patch with lots of interesting activities for children.

Some of the activities they organize include birthday parties, field trips, mazes, Gem mining, Tug-O-War, Trolley Swings, and others!

This farm is mostly popular among children and students who come with parents or teachers to experience other fun activities next to picking.

Strawberry Picking In Texas – The Takeaway

As you had the chance to notice, most of these farms are family-owned businesses. They have good reviews that show their owners invest a lot of love into growing their strawberries and making sure their customers are happy.

Many of these owners actually offer their own home farms for strawberry picking. That being said, respect these farms by taking into account any rules that may exist.

We invite you to enjoy strawberry picking, as it is a unique experience that will fill you and your loved ones with joy.

Thanks for sharing!

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